Some practical thoughts on Belonging by Kindergarten experts.

Arriving at a new school, making new friends and finding your place is a journey that every Kindergarten student can relate to.
Luckily for the Kindy students at OLPS West Pymble the journey is smooth with the help of such initiatives as pop-up playgroup,
buddies and a strong transition to school program. With this in mind, this year’s empathetic Kindy class decided to reach out to others
who are also in need of welcoming: the children of new arrivals who connect to

The House of Welcome at Granville. This outreach process was developed using learning frameworks from the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL)

OLPS is one of a handful of schools in the Broken Bay Diocese who are embracing NPDL as a way of improving student outcomes and engagement in learning. It is a global partnership involving hundreds of schools from seven countries; Australia, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, United States and Uruguay.

Teachers are activators of learning and design deep learning experiences that build on learner strengths and needs, create new knowledge using real- life problem solving and help students identify their talents, purpose and passion.

The Kindy students decided to create a Welcome Box in the form of a lunch box filled with practical items to help another child feel welcome. Students also created a QR code with a message and welcome song. Georgia Holloway, Casework manager at the House of Welcome commented on how excited their clients were to receive the Welcome Packs. Maddie from Kindergarten said it felt good to give another child a new box with good things in it. Jeremy said he hoped that it made them feel welcome.

Kindergarten teacher, Claire Donnelly, a strong advocate for the new deep learning pedagogy commented on how engaged and energised the students are and how motivated they have become to make a difference. Deep learning is definitely the way ahead for all students at OLPS West Pymble.