The latest testimonials from parents and students come from our  ‘Partners in Learning’ Survey Report and Student Engagement  – Primary Survey (2021)

Comments from our parents

It is a very inclusive school where all the students are known by the teachers and the Principal. There is a very strong sense of community within the school and this promoted throughout. The teachers and principal are very dedicated to providing the children with a great education that covers a broad range of curriculum area and challenges children to reach their potential.

Sense of belonging is amazing by families, teachers and Parish Community. My son had a great start to school ever since he started Kindergarten.

I like the sense of community
I like that the teachers are warm, friendly and accessible
I like the deep learning projects they do.

I would also like to acknowledge the new look school newsletter - it's great to see this evolve and include pictures and videos, particularly given that parents have restricted access to the site.

It is not the size of the school that makes your child confident, it is the experience that the school gives, that makes your child confident.

Comments from our students

I love school! There's so much fun stuff to do, our teachers teach us clearly and fairly, we do fun breaks from time to time and we get to do a lot of cool things

I like my class because everyone is nice and we have good work.

I really love how there is lots of PE lessons on different sports. I really love how we have lots of sport equipment to play with and how we have so many sport facilities to play on. I get to play with and on lots of things at Lunch and Recess.

I like all the teachers super nice, they help me when I need it

Comments from OLPS parents.

I feel that my children are happy and thriving during HBL and that’s a great testament to all the work that their teachers are doing for them. Please pass on our sincere appreciation to your staff team! (July 2021)

I was so impressed at how Ms Palmer (a new teacher for Term 3) got to know the Year 3/4 class and ran her lessons this week. First day back, all I heard from my child was “Ms Palmer this n that!” Ms Palmer did put together a slide show and wished my daughter a Happy Birthday but I always say that it’s the small acts of kindness that go long way. (July 2021)

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for all you have done this week. I appreciate how much effort, commitment and time this must add to your workload. Thank you so much. We are very lucky to have you and the beautiful teachers at OLPS. Every parent I speak with is in awe of you all and very grateful. (July 2021)

I just wanted to commend you, Mary-Lu, Jane and Alison as the Home Based Learning experience has been really smooth for us. Both of my daughters are fairly independent with the structures setup and enjoying the work set out. Thank you for reaching out. (July 2021)

Choosing the school for not only where your children will belong but your whole family unit can seem overwhelming at the time. When we were making this decision for our daughter to start Kindy in 2015 we were looking at both OLPS and the local public schools – so why did we choose OLPS? The sense of belonging and community we felt was overwhelming. Since the beginning of that journey not only our daughter, but now our two sons have enjoyed a learning environment where they feel safe, their achievements rewarded and they are stretched to challenge themselves. The children are learning in an environment where they have access to great technology, they have teachers who are dedicated and passionate which flows through to great academic successes. The school also has a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Everything the children do at school links back to their Positive Behaviour Learning (PBL). As a family we have found like-minded families and have formed ever-lasting friendships. (2020)

I have four sets of grandchildren that went through four different catholic primary schools. OLPS is my favourite. It is a very special place. (Grandparent, 2020)

OLPS has been an incredibly positive experience for Nia. Starting at OLPS in Year 4, she was thrown into a very high standard of learning and education, leadership opportunities and blossoming friendships. She loves OLPS so much that it's worth the 2 hour daily drive to school and back each day, from the Northern Beaches area!! (2020)

One of my first fond experiences of OLPS was when I took my then kindergarten aged daughter early to school and there were very few students around. 2 older students immediately went up to my daughter and asked her if she would like to play with them. It is moments like these that really highlight the spirit of OLPS where it is common for younger children to play with older children. My daughter has been able to develop friendships with kids from all grades and friendships with kids who live locally. OLPS has also positively influenced my daughter in developing a love of learning. OLPS has a deep learning emphasis including how concepts apply to real life, which is really engaging for my daughter. My daughter also loves the extra-curricular activities on offer including choir, drama and in school activities like gymnastics. I am also very grateful for the after school care which is very caring and allows for last minute care arrangements which suits our family. (2020)

We have experienced both public schooling and an OLPS Catholic education and from our perspective there is an overwhelming difference. Our children were lost in the public system and have thrived in the nurturing yet progressive environment which is OLPS West Pymble. Their academics have flourished along with their personal confidence. We cannot speak highly enough of the teachers at OLPS, there are open channels of communication between teacher, student and parent. OLPS West Pymble is the quiet achiever amongst the high calibre of Upper North Shore schools. (2020)

From the moment we first looked into sending our son to OLPS we knew it was the one for not only him but for our family. We felt so blessed that we had found this hidden gem. The beautiful staff, inclusive community and spectacular bush grounds is like no other. OLPS is a place where you know your child will be nurtured, loved and given plenty of opportunities. We have made so many lovely friends within the school community and could not have chosen a better place for our children. There is something truly special about OLPS. (2020)

School Readiness Program

How good is that, we were provided with a School Readiness Bag full of goodies to help get our daughter ready for Kindy next year. We are so lucky to be part of OLPS and the great work that the team does, by pushing on in these uncertain times and providing work arounds to ensure they meet the needs of the children. (Year 1 and Kindy 2021 Parent)

Home- Based Learning

“I would like to say what a great job OLPS did while we were Home Schooling. I was so happy with our beautiful teachers. I thought they were so patient with the kids on line. I was especially grateful when I heard about other schools and the difficulties they had.” (May 2020).

We have experienced a lot of schools and school communities but OLPS is by far the best. You’re a great bunch of families and this is a special little community.
(Dec 2018)

We are so proud and delighted with the amazing progress our child has made since she started at OLPS.
The teachers have put in an extra effort into helping our child catch up with the rest of her class. We recognise that this was a team effort, her class teachers, have both gone above & beyond to help her out and with the maths teacher’s extra maths tuition she has received all the support she required without ever once feeling alienated from, or inferior to her classmates.
My child adores her new school & teachers, she was made feel very welcome & special. I feel very blessed that we found such a beautiful little school to send our daughter to.

You and the school have provided my child with such a dynamic environment, perfectly suited to her; love, care and encouragement. She has grown and developed so much in this past year, and that is truly a function of the school and its care and love. Thank you for being there for my child, in her growing years. I know the christian care provided by OLPS and your teachers and carers is just what she needs.

We are extremely happy with the teaching at OLPS (our child's NAPLAN results are evidence of the quality of teaching at OLPS), and she continues to flourish with the warmth and support consistently offered by teachers and peers in all grades. Thank you for all the care and support you have shown both our children over the years.

I am constantly amazed by what an exceptional school OLPS is and since coming to the school, my children's lives, and my own, have been tremendously improved. Your leadership is inspiring and the commitment of the teachers, and parents, is exceptional.

Firstly, we are very happy with the academic progress our daughter has made so far, particularly with her reading. Her report was extremely positive and exceeded our expectations, and our meeting with her teacher was professional, informative and helpful.
We believe fostering social development at primary school is just as important as academic development and we have been blown away by how supportive the staff at the school have been with this. We are very grateful for all that is being done and just wanted to pass that on. The past week or so has confirmed for me we absolutely made the right choice of school for our daughter - OLPS is a supportive, nurturing community that we are blessed to be a part of.