Our Staff


Jodi Jefferson
Emily Channell
Assistant Principal (shared)
Stage 1W
Libby Cook
Assistant Principal (shared)
Learning Diversity Teacher
Maree Anderson
Acting Religious Education Coordinator
Stage 2M Teacher
Schae Dailey
Kindergarten Teacher
Isabella Gane
Stage 1M Teacher
Judy Betts
Stage 1W Teacher (Tues PM & Wed)   Stage 2M (Thursday)
Erin Villella
Stage 2W Teacher (Mon, Tues, 2nd Wed)
Jane Denny
Stage 2W Teacher (2nd Wed, Thurs, Fri)
Ali O’Kane
Senior Learning Hub – Stage 3 Teacher
Alison Perosin
STEM and Library Teacher
Lisa Sargent
Physical Education Teacher
Melody Beck
Specialist Music Teacher
Mary Lu Fitzgibbon
Creative Arts Teacher
Molly MacIntosh
Learning Support Assistant
Jacqui Whympher-Williams
Learning Support Assistant
Abby Seamons
Learning Support Assistant
Sally Berry
Senior Administrator
Louise Johnston
Canteen Coordinator & Parent Engagement Coordinator
Necola Chisholm
Enrolment and Marketing Coordinator