Family Masses

Parish Family Masses – 2021

Our Parish Family Masses are an important way to foster the connection between our school and our wider parish community. It is an opportunity for our families to share in their faith with the parishioners of the Pymble Catholic Parish and to model our faith to our students. Family Masses are a long running tradition at OLPS and are much anticipated dates on our OLPS calendar.

Parish Family Masses provide an opportunity for all families to gather together in the larger parish community and celebrate Mass, as well as catch up afterwards over morning tea. Each cohort has an opportunity to coordinate and organise a Mass.

Although the Family Masses are organised by the school, it is important that the involvement is not limited to the organising grades only. Participants in the Mass can be drawn from any area of the OLPS Community, including Catholic children attending state schools. The grade families organising the Family Mass usually provide the morning tea after Mass.

Class Parents are asked to coordinate these Masses. Our Family Mass Coordinator will be in touch with Class Parents of each grade in the lead up to their Parish Family Mass with further information. 

Masses have been allocated to class cohorts not the multi age classes.


2021 Parish Family Masses

Term 1
Sunday 28 February  9am Mass Year 1
Term 2
Sunday 25 April 9am Mass

Sunday 23 May 9am Mass

Year 2 NB: change of date

Year 3

Term 3
Saturday 24 July 5pm Mass

Saturday 21 August 5pm Mass

Year 5

Year 4

Term 4
Sunday 24 October 9am Mass

Sunday 28 November 9am Mass

Year 6

2021 Kindergarten to welcome the 2022 Kindergarten Families