School Programs

OLPS runs a number of programs to ensure the student wellbeing including Senior Student Leadership and the Student Representative Council.

Senior Student Leadership

All students in Year 6 are encouraged and taught to be school leaders. Each child is encouraged to develop their special gifts and talents for the benefit of the whole school community. This is a focus in Term 1 with leadership opportunities for Years 5 and 6 such as a leadership camp.  Senior students lead and serve all students to make OLPS a place where love can grow. Examples of senior leadership roles at OLPS include School Leaders, Colour House Leaders, Stewardship, Service, Justice and Compassion Leaders.

School Counsellor

There is a School Counsellor provided by the Catholic Schools Office for the North Shore Cluster of Catholic Schools.  Families wanting to access this counsellor for their child need to speak to the Class Teacher or Principal.




Mrs Alison Lumsden – Primary School Counsellor