Qkr! App

The OLPS Canteen is moving to the Qkr! App for ordering and payments.

Qkr! is an easy-to-use phone app that gives you the flexibility to place orders at a time and place that suits you!

Getting started is easy, try it yourself.


Please Note: There is a technical issue with the GooglePlay app – for all Android users please order via the website link: Qkr! by MasterCard (qkrschool.com)

  1. Download the Qkr! app.
  2. Register your information
  3. Find your school
  4. Register your child or children.

Once this is completed you are well on your way to order directly from your phone.

Please note, American Express is not accepted through Qkr!

QR code to scan for iPhone download QR code to scan for Google Play download


Getting started - How to set up your account and student profile How do I add or update a photo of my child on the Qkr! app? How do I remove unwanted items from my shopping cart? Can I copy this week's order to next week? How can I keep track of my Qkr! payments? How are Qkr! refunds processed? How do I complete my payment after submitted a form? How do I cancel food orders that have already been paid for? How do I use the calendar display when placing food orders? How do I add or delete payment cards? Can I add multiple payment cards? How can I be sure my child's food order has been received by the school? How do I enable Push Notifications on my phone? Can two parents set up an account for the same student? Should I log out from the Qkr! app for security?