Religious Education

At OLPS, Religious Education permeates the culture of the school through the values we uphold and practice through prayer, liturgy and relationships. It underpins all Key Learning Areas.

Our role at OLPS is to encourage students to act as disciples of Jesus and to recognise the contribution that the Catholic tradition has on their formation as individuals. We see the importance of this role being a partnership between home, school, the parish, and the wider community of the Church.  Our teachers at OLPS teach with the goal of shaping spiritual students who become “members, pray-ers, livers and do-ers of the Word of God”

(Sweeter than Honey: Tasting and teaching the Scripture. Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Broken Bay.)

The teaching of Religious Education at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour School is in accordance with the Diocese of Broken Bay K-12 Religious Education Curriculum. The syllabus is organised into five strands which include:

  • God, Revelation and Human Destiny
  • Jesus, Human and Divine
  • Church and Discipleship
  • Prayer and Sacraments
  • Sacred Scripture

At OLPS we incorporate our Deep Learning philosophy into Religious Education lessons. We provide students with a deep knowledge of the scriptures to ensure students are able to understand their significance in the life of our Catholic traditions and practices. Our teachers foster a rich understanding of the scriptures by exploring them in detail and in a variety of ways. They explore the scriptures through tasks such as appreciating and creating artworks, dramas, hands on play experiences, deep thinking and comparing tasks as well as developing an understanding of the context of the scriptures and their significance at the time. Students are provided with opportunities to reflect on the scriptures through imaginative contemplation and meditation.