Creative Arts

Creative Arts gives students experiences in the visual arts, music, drama and dance. They have opportunities to explore their creativity in each of these areas.

Students learn to appreciate the meanings and values that each artform offers. They perform and express themselves through the visual arts, music, drama and dance. (Reference: Parent Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabus P10)

Creative Arts K–6

The aim of Creative Arts K–6 is to develop in all students a vital interest and learning in the following artforms: Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. “Students engage in learning experiences in these areas as a part of their natural growth and development. However, learning in each of the art forms does not occur naturally. Regular learning experiences that are thoughtfully planned, sequenced and related are essential for developing students skills and knowledge and understanding within the artforms” (p. 5 NSW Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus).


  • In Visual Arts, students will make artworks and appreciate their own works and those of others.
  • In Music, students will perform and organise sound and listen to and discuss their own music and that of others.
  • In Drama, students will make and perform drama and appreciate their own dramatic works and those of others.
  • In Dance, students will compose and perform dance and appreciate their own dances and those of others.

At Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary school we value Creative Arts and ensure students are taught and learn the knowledge and skills in each of the strands. We are committed to exhibiting the children’s achievements in this area. This is particularly achieved through our Musicals which are held every second year. Our musical provides opportunities for students in Kindergarten to Year 6 to display their talents and skills on stage. Our School Art Show is another example of students exhibiting their own artworks for all to see. The Art Show and the Musical are held in alternate years.

A feature of the art show is the class collaborative artworks. In 2015, our Art Show highlighted the creative talents of all the OLPS students but also highlighted the ability of the teachers to bring out the best in this area of performing arts. Below are the collaborative artworks for each class.